About the Humanist Music Group

Welcome! We are a bunch of people in the UK who are interested in  defining,  finding,and disseminating great music of any genre which can be defined as   ‘humanist’.

An early definition might be:

A piece of music which conveys, usually but not necessarily through words, a sentiment, notion, idea, concept or principle in celebration of:-
Reason and rationality;
Atheism and secularism;
The oneness and commonality of all people.

The idea is that such music – mostly songs – should be easily found and used by those who wish to sing together, listen to great humanist sounds – live or electronically received! The context for such music might be a celebration – a party, a gathering of family and friends – a meeting, where a bit of music – shared singing even – would brighten up the event.

We’ll be suggesting music on these pages and exploring how far it seems to fit the bill – as well as linking to other sites and groups with similar intentions. When we’re fully up and running we will be glad to invite your comments and ideas  – and add to the site with your help